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Founded in 1975, IMA Abrasivi is a leading company in the production of cutting, grinding and flap discs. A member of OSA (Organization far the Safety of Abrasives) since 2007, IMA has a large share of the market in ltaly and internationally with its trademarks IMA, GOLD and IMACH3.

The plant is situated in Cava de’ Tirreni (Salerno, ltaly), an area boasting a great tradition in the fields of ceramic and abrasive products. The production facility is equipped with the latest machinery and with technologically advanced equipment. Our primary goals are to maximize operator safety, research and experimentation in the choice and combination of components through constant innovation.

Research and Development

Our aim is to fully satisfy professionals in industry, distribution and construction and all operators of the branch. We devote ourselves to developing the best solutions in cutting, deburring, grinding and all polishing and finishing operations, providing excellent performance, higher comfort, productivity and duration, with a view to continuous improvement of our product.

Innovation and Safety

Continuous research and market-oriented innovation is undertaken, allowing us to launch new products and new lines by anticipating market trends, thus meeting the evolving needs as required by our customers. This research & development prioritizes safety in their use and therefore protecting the welfare of the operator. AII IMA abrasives comply with the provisions of OSA (Organization far the Safety of Abrasives) and meet the criteria of European standards to guarantee optimal use in complete safety. This is real innovation.

Logistics and Environment

IMA logistics allows far the handling and management of orders according to market demands, from Just-in-Time or, if necessary, the stocking of specific products. We dedicate great attention to the protection of the environment and to all forms of renewable energy, with the awareness that the future is already today.


Managing Director
Renato Aliberti

Ciro Mannara

Marketing & Communication
Giuseppe Aliberti

Sales Director
Enrico Mannara

Export sales Department
Roberta Gabola

Domestic sales Department
Amalia Salsano

Fabio Lambiase

Warehouse Manager
Francesco Mannara

Purchasing Manager and employees
Gaetano Lambiase

Production Manager
Nunzio Di Sapia


– quality management systems –
certification that increases the value of products and services and the company’s competitiveness on the market

ISO 9001 certification is an essential requirement for the introduction of products and services on the market. “An organization that chooses to adopt an ISO 9001 quality management system is able to differentiate itself from unqualified competitors and increase its visibility and competitiveness, ensuring a greater orientation of all functions towards the final result and greater attention to the internal and external customer.”
RINA certification is accredited by ACCREDIA, ANAB, INMETRO and NABCB.


Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives

IMA Abrasivi, as a member of the oSa, the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives, meets the requirements and criteria of a company producing abrasive wheels ensuring the safety, efficiency and authenticity of the abrasives.


Federation of European Producers of Abrasives

IMA is a member of FEPA, the federation of European abrasive manufacturers. FEPA has represented the European abrasives industry since its inception in 1955, comprising four product segments: bonded and coated abrasives, superabrasives and grains.